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Nov 5, 2021

The third episode in our new five-part audio documentary examines the challenges of sourcing enough of the right feedstock for chemical textile-to-textile recycling.
Ecotextile Talks speaks to Södra’s Niclas Berg, whose job involves sourcing feedstock for the company's ‘OnceMore’ process, and Lina Wiles, Head of Sustainability in Sweden for Elis, which is currently Södra’s major supplier.
We also talk to:
  • David Stevens, CEO of the Textile Services Association (TSA) whose members meet 90-95 percent of the laundry needs of the NHS and the hospitality industry in the UK.
  • Martin Böschen, CEO of Texaid, one of the largest collectors and sorters of textile waste in Europe
  • Anna Granskog, a partner at McKinsey & Company, and co-author of their influential report in 2020: "The future of sustainable fashion."
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